How to prevent osteoarthritis in horses?

Preventing osteoarthritis

The most common cause of lameness in horses: osteoarthritis, a painful inflammation of the joint that causes wear and tear and leads to damage to the cartilage. The bad news: osteoarthritis is incurable - once the cartilage is damaged it no longer recovers. The good news: it is treatable. The best news: there is no need for treatment if it is easily preventable by arming yourself with the right nutrients and supplements.

This is how you can prevent osteoarthritis in horses:

Healthy bones and joints need the right nutrients. So, offer your horse a balanced diet and supplements that are beneficial to his joints. Opt for a joint supplement that supports your equine friend’s joints at four levels:

  1. Supports the natural defences
  2. Supports the cartilage and bones 
  3. Keeps joints and ligaments flexible
  4. Promotes blood flow

Sounds great, but where do you get these supplements?

Both Flexi Mix and Flexi Sport tick all the boxes. Give your horse these supplements when he can do with extra support, during periods of intensive training, the racing season, when he experiences a growth spurt. For maximum efficacy, it is important to put him on a course of at least one month at a time. Flexi Mix and Flexi Sport can also be administered long-term if you feel your horse needs it.

For full effect, combine Flexi Mix or Flexi Sport with Natural Curcuma Liquid as curcuma not only supports the joints but also your horse’s intestines, skin, and natural defences. Alternate each 1-month course with a 2-week break.

Our supplements that support your horse:

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