Forårsfrisk på græs bundle

Vores veterinæranbefalede "Forårsfrisk på græs bundle" kombinerer vores to topsælgende tilskud, som dagligt anvendes af tusinder af hesteejere på tværs af Europa. Det er et must-have for enhver ejer, der seriøst ønsker at overføre deres hest sikkert fra stalden til græssæsonen.

Guts & Glory til at støtte din hests fordøjelsessystem
✓ Steady & Stable til at understøtte sukker- og fedtstofskiftet og forbedre hovens sundhed

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Why our vets recommend this combination

Nutritional transitions can lead to digestive upset in horses, including loose manure and flatulence. The sugar content in fresh grass can also affect sensitive hooves and contribute to weight gain. With this bundle, you can maintain optimal gut health, support healthy hooves, and manage body weight effectively.

Guts & Glory


586,00 kr

incl. VAT (without bundle discount)

The switch from stable to pasture can be a real headache for horse parents as their digestive system adjusts to their new diet. Guts & Glory, our powerful vet-recommended probiotic can help by:

✓ Protecting the stomach
✓ Helping with flatulence
✓ Supporting normal faeces
✓ Supporting a healthy gut

Ingredienser: havremel; hørfrøpulver; spirulina; oreganopulver; goldenseal-pulver; magnesiumbisglycinat; methylsulfonylmethan (MSM); ananaspulver og papayapulver.

Tilsætningsstoffer pr. kg
- Vitamin A (3a672b), 66 600 IE
- Vitamin B1 (3a820), 8 438 mg
- Vitamin B3 (3a315), 2 667 mg
- Vitamin B5 (3a841), 667mg
- Vitamin B6 (3a831), 211 mg
- Biotin (3a880), 40 mg
- Folinsyre (3a316), 11.5 mg
- Kobalamin, 0.13 mg
- Vitamin C (3a300), 6 667 mg
- Vitamin D3 (3a671), 5 333 IE
- Vitamin E (3a700), 666.5 mg

- Mangan (3b506), 467 mg
- Zink (3b607), 667 mg
- Selen (3b815), 2.67 mg

- Enterococcus faecium, 1.6x10^11 CFU
- Lactobacillus brevis, 1.6x10^11 CFU
- Lactobacillus paracasei, 1.6x10^11 CFU
- Lactobacillus casei, 1.6x10^11 CFU
- Lactobacillus rhamnosus, 1.6x10^11 CFU

- Saccharomyces cerevisiae (4a1704), 6.67x10^9 CFU

- α-amylase, 133 000 SKBU
- Cellulase, 26 600 CU
- β-glucanase, 266 000 BGU

Aromatiske forbindelser
- L-cysteine (2b17033), 6 667 mg
- Curcuma longa ektrakt (2b163-ex), 26 700 mg

- L-glutamin (3c451), 33 300 mg

Analytiske komponenter
- Råprotein, 17.6%
- Råfedt, 3.9%
- Råaske, 2.5%
- Råfibre, 6.6%
- Natrium, 0%

Tilskudsfoder til heste

< 150 kg (miniaturehest), 1/4 skefuld
250 kg (shetlandspony), 1/2 skefuld
350 kg (islandsk), 3/4 skefuld
500 kg (Quarter), 1 skefuld
600 kg (Varmblod), 1+1/4 skefuld
650 kg (Frieser), 1+1/3 skefuld
> 750 kg (trækhest), 1+1/2 skefuld

Blandes med mad eller opløses i en sprøjte med vand og gives direkte i munden.

Steady & Stable


639,00 kr

incl. VAT (without bundle discount)

Spring is here, and sugar levels in the grass are on the rise so be sure to keep an eye on your horse or pony's weight and hoof health. Steady & Stable, our vet-recommended supplement can help by:

✓ Regulating the metabolism of fat and sugar
✓ Promoting healthy liver function
✓ Protecting the stomach and intestines
✓ Supporting healthy hooves

Ingredienser: Risklid; chlorella; padderokkepulver; chrysanthellumpulver; methylsulfonylmethan (MSM); strandfyrretræspulver.

Tilsætningsstoffer pr. kg
Aromatiske tilsætningsstoffer
- Lakridsekstrakt (Glycyrrhiza glabra), 80.700 mg
- Marietidselekstrakt (Silybum marianum), 58.700 mg
- L-arginin, 51.300 mg
- Koncentrat af surbær (Berberis vulgaris), 44.000 mg

Analytiske komponenter
- Råprotein, 13,15 %
- Råfedt, 6,45 %
- Råaske, 6,23 %
- Råfibre, 4,66 %
- Natrium, < 1 %

Tilskudsfoder til heste

Brug af dette tilskud anbefales ikke under drægtighed hos hopper.

< 150 kg (miniaturehest), 1/4 skefuld
250 kg (shetlandspony), 1/2 skefuld
350 kg (islandsk), 3/4 skefuld
500 kg (Quarter), 1 skefuld
600 kg (Varmblod), 1+1/4 skefuld
650 kg (Frieser), 1+1/3 skefuld
> 750 kg (trækhest), 1+1/2 skefuld

Blandes med mad eller opløses i en sprøjte med vand og gives direkte i munden.

Recommended by 500+ vets

Kathelijne DeberdtEquine Veterinarian

"This combination is my go-to solution for horses during spring. I frequently use Steady & Stable for patients to support sugar metabolism. Especially during spring, this is highly recommended. Guts & Glory is the best probiotic supplement on the market."

Trusted by thousands of horse owners

We've helped over 30.000+ horses

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Yes! By our Co-Founder Veterinarian Valerie De Clerck as well as a whole host of Veterinarians who have been using our products with their clients’ horses for years. In fact, 9/10 vets recommend Curafyt supplements.

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