CURAFYT has been founded by two veterinarians, Floris and Valérie, based on a passion for animals and natural products and driven by the desire to enhance animal health.

After 10 years of veterinary experience, Floris & Valérie decided it was time to change to approach toward animal health. For too long the veterinary industry has been defined by exaggerated promises from the pharmaceutical industry and focused on treating symptoms with synthetic products, rather than healing the animal from within. We believe it is time to challenge the industry and to go back to basics with all natural products.

That is how CURAFYT was founded in February 2020 out of the desire to enhance animal health with natural and high quality health products and supplements.

time for change!


Instead of just throwing some trendy ingredients together, we look at the needs of your dog and horse.

we do it differently...

We make sure that we first fully understand the physiology of the healthy animal. The physiology is the study of the normal functions of the body. Luckily as veterinarians, this knowledge is embedded in our DNA.

Once we understand the physiology of the healthy animal, we can start examining where it goes wrong when the animal gets sick. We identify the 'gaps' in the normal body functions to understand what is causing the (chronic) disease. 

Now that we identified the evildoers, we can start looking for plants that work on the body systems that we want to target. Every plant has different actions, so it is very challenging to find the perfect combination of plants to support the animal and precisely target the right body functions.

In order to precisely formulate the product, CURAFYT works together with human and veterinary specialists in phytotherapy. Our formulas are reviewed by Dr. Mathias Devreese, European Specialist of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology. We also work closely together with our veterinarians in the field to further optimise the formulas.

we work with real specialists


chamomille flowers white with yellow


Our products are based on the code of nature and nurture the cells deep in the body. CURAFYT uses pure and natural raw materials instead of synthetic variants.

veterinarian with a stethoscope


Our products are precisely formulated by veterinarians and herbalists for an optimal clinical result. We maintain close links with veterinarians to test our ideas and to support them with scientific evidence. This leads to new and surprising opportunities which contributes to the optimisation of animal health.


Our products are made in Belgium. CURAFYT does not compromise on quality and the health of every animal is our priority. 


We highly value the advice of veterinarians and animal health professionals. We aim to build a long term relationship with our ambassadors based on trust and transparency. We carefully select our ambassadors based on their professional background and knowledge.

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