CURAFYT develops natural feed supplements and health products for horses and dogs. Back to basics with pure and natural products to balance your dog and horse from the inside out. Your four-legged friend will definitely wag his tail when hearing this!

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Valérie and Floris crossed paths more than ten years ago through a shared dream: to become a veterinarian. Driven by their passion for animals, they were determined to give every animal a healthy and valuable life. 

While practicing as a vet, they soon noticed that the focus was on treating symptoms with synthetic products rather than balancing the body with natural products. It became their mission to change this. 

By working with human and veterinary experts with over 20 years of experience in herbal medicine, they focused on the power of nature. CURAFYT was born: natural products to support the health of dogs and horses.

HOW we do it

A mix of "trendy" ingredients? No! We look at the real needs of your dog and horse. The first step is making sure we understand how the body of a healthy dog and horse functions. (Luckily, as veterinarians, that knowledge is embedded in our DNA). Then we examine which processes in the body fail when an animal becomes ill and which body systems we should support.

As such, all of our products consist of a thoughtful combination of plants that unleash their charms on those particular systems and fill the gaps. We know a lot (sorry for the brag!), but not everything. That's why we work with human and veterinary experts with over 20 years of experience in herbal medicine or phytotherapy to formulate the products accurately. Twenty years.... that's as old as Floris. Okay, that was a little white lie. But all the rest is true! We also keep in touch with our veterinarians in the field to keep optimizing the formulas.


CURAFYT products are developed by putting the animal first, in collaboration with human and veterinary specialists.

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Our products respect the power of nature and nourish the cells deep within the body. Synthetic products? We say "NO" to that. CURAFYT uses pure and natural raw materials instead of synthetic variants to keep your animal as healthy as possible. 

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Our products are precisely formulated by veterinarians and herbalists for optimal clinical results. The action of our ingredients is scientifically based and adapted to the specific needs of your animal. Professional advice on our products? That's obvious for us!

dalmatian dog with owner holding CURAFYT FLEXI MIX DOG in her hand


Our products are developed and produced in Belgium. CURAFYT does not compromise on quality, and the health of your four-legged friend is our priority.

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