Hi there,

we are two Veterinarians-With-A-Highly-Important-Mission. But because that is quite a long title, you can just call us Floris & Valérie. Or simply “those from CURAFYT.”

veterinarian with dog drawing cartoon CURAFYT


For the outside world, February 2020 might have seemed an ordinary month. But while the crocuses were still doubting if they would take the leap and start to bloom, we were happily bringing CURAFYT to life: natural products to improve the health of dogs and horses all over the world.

To be honest, our idea also had to grow slowly. We have been working as veterinarians for over ten years and got tired of the pharmaceutical giants in the veterinary sector with their unrealistic promises and synthetic products. We thought we can do better! A healthy dose of ambition never killed nobody!

HOW we do it

Instead of just throwing some trendy ingredients together, we look at the needs of your dog and horse.

We make sure that we first fully understand how the body of a dog and horse functions. (Luckily, as veterinarians, this knowledge is embedded in our DNA!). Then we look further and clarify what goes wrong when the animal gets sick. We identify the 'gaps' in normal body functions.

Now we have to fill those gaps with the right combination of plants and superfoods. We know quite a lot (sorry for the brag!), but not everything. So to precisely formulate the product, we work together with human and veterinary specialists with over 20 years of experience in phytotherapy. Twenty years... that is almost the same age as Floris. Okay, that was a little white lie. Everything else is true, though! We also work closely together with our veterinarians in the field to further optimize the formulas.


CURAFYT products are developed by putting the animal first, in collaboration with human and veterinary specialists.

cocker spaniel caramel in green grass


Our products are based on the code of nature and nurture the cells deep in the body. CURAFYT uses pure and natural raw materials instead of synthetic variants.

veterinarian hands with a stethoscope


Our products are precisely formulated by veterinarians and herbalists for an optimal clinical result. 

dalmatian dog with owner holding CURAFYT FLEXI MIX DOG in her hand


All our products are made in Belgium. CURAFYT does not compromise on quality and the health of every animal is our priority.

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