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Horse health / Weight & Stamina

Skinny horse? 9/10 veterinarians recommend this to help your horse gain weight and increase energy levels

Rated ‘Excellent’ by professional and recreational horse owners alike, it’s the perfect at-home way to revitalise skinny, fatigued horses (plus it gives their coats an amazing shine!).

Written by
Valerie de Clerck
If your horse is struggling with any of the following…
#1 Putting on weight
#2 Low energy levels / poor stamina
#3 Poor digestive health (soft faeces or sensitive stomach)
Then I’d advise you to read this article because it could be the difference between your horse continuing to struggle with their weight loss, low energy levels and poor gut health…
Or finally being able to hit that target weight and have the energy they need to perform at their best - whether it’s dressage, jumping, eventing, racing, harness racing (trotting), voltige, western riding hacking, or just exercising round the sand school and enjoying life in the field.
Because your horse deserves to be comfortable and active, living their best life, and with Curafyt’s Grow & Glow daily supplement they could, because it actually works.

Don't just take my word for it, there's proof.

What makes Grow & Glow so effective (and popular!)?

The answer to that is simple…
It all comes down to a natural, effective trio of oils that work perfectly together to tackle weight loss, low energy, poor digestion and a dull, scruffy coat.
One of the ingredients is common in 90% of supplements…
One of them is used in a few supplements…
But the last one, and the one that’s possibly the most impressive when it comes to increasing weight and energy, is something I very rarely see in horse supplements - and it’s so important.
It’s what makes Grow & Glow so unique - and why after months of research, I made sure it was in the formulation.
Plus, it’s highly likely if you’ve tried a weight-gain supplement before that hasn’t worked, it was probably missing this one important ingredient.

So what is this trio of weight & energy increasing oils?

The first is Linseed oil - an omega-3-powerhouse.
It’s popular as a natural and healthy high-calorie weight management aid for horses looking to gain a little weight and improve their energy and stamina
Fats like linseed oil provide 2X as much energy compared to energy from sugar, without the rush (or nervous jitters). 
It’s your horse's primary source of long-term stored energy, too. 
And it has an added benefit of ‘supercharging’ your horse's digestion by increasing the digestibility of the nutrients in their food so they can be more easily absorbed. 
The second is Coconut oil.
Packed with medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs), coconut oil can be quickly and easily absorbed for energy use (think of it like a quick fuel boost) without making your horse nervous.
Plus, compared to traditional vegetable oil used in horse supplements, coconut oil is easier to digest, absorb and convert into energy. 
The third and most impressive oil in Grow & Glow is Micro Algae Oil.
It’s rich in a specific (and the best) omega-3 fatty acid, called DHA - which is ideal for improving gut health and increasing weight and energy levels in horses.
(Did you know that if your horse’s gut (intestines) are unhealthy, they’ll just poop out the extra energy you feed them - it’s a waste of time and money. With a DHA-rich Micro Algae Oil you can improve their gut health at the same time as feeding them extra energy.)
Plus, it has the added bonus of being proven to reduce inflammation in horses, which benefits their gut health, joints, coat, immune health and more…
And because Micro Algae Oil contains DHA, your horse can absorb it directly, and immediately. They are getting the benefits straight away. 
Which is what makes it truly different to other Omega-3 oils. Most other Omega-3 oils (that don’t contain DHA) require the body to convert it into something useful, at which point it gets diluted and doesn’t have nearly as many health benefits.

But we didn't just stop there

We wanted to make this one of Europe’s best horse supplements for weight gain and increased energy.
So we decided to go even further with the powerful ingredients in the formula.
We also added
  • 100% natural Vitamin E, an essential antioxidant that helps maintain a healthy immune system and ensure normal muscle and nerve function.
    Horses and ponies cannot produce vitamin E themselves, so it’s vital they get it via their feed.
  • Vitamin A, another powerful antioxidant that supports vision, reproductive functions, and the equine immune system.
  • While also playing a vital role in the development and maintenance of bones and connective tissue like tendons and ligaments.
  • Vitamin D3, which controls the absorption and transport of calcium and phosphorus - which is critical for the proper function of your horse’s bones, joints and muscles.
The combination of all these science-backed ingredients gives your horse one of the best opportunities to finally put on that extra weight and get the energy they need to perform at its peak.

Is it really as good as it sounds?

Yes! Not only do 9/10 vets recommend Curafyt’s products, but check out what other horse owners like you who have been using it recently had to say about it:

"Why can't I just use regular linseed oil or micronised linseed?"

I get asked this one a lot. And I tell my clients 2 things:
#1 - You can use regular linseed oil if you like, but it’s not the same as Grow & Glow. Grow & Glow contains high-quality linseed oil AND all those other ingredients mentioned above with impressive health benefits, especially the DHA-rich Microalgae oil, that’s a rare, effective weight-gain ingredient you won’t find in regular linseed oil. If your goal is weight gain, you need to feed tons of micronised linseed to have the same effect as with Grow & Glow.
#2 - Micronised linseed is NOT the same. It’s only around 34% oil so it won’t have the same effects as Grow & Glow. If weight gain is your goal, then pure oil is what you want to feed your horse.

"So, how long will It take to see results?"

We’ve had some customers who see improvements in as little as 2 weeks, but every horse and their health requirements are different, so we recommend using it for at least one month to ensure your horse is getting the full benefits and hitting their weight and energy goals. 
Vanille had Grow & Glow added to her feed and after just one month you can see a clear improvement in her weight.
The best way to check whether your horse has lost weight or put on weight is to take a close look at the following areas to assess the Body Condition Score (BCS). Ideally, you should be able to feel, not see, your horse’s ribs:
How to check if your horse is too skinny or too fat body condition score

Who is Grow & Glow for?

Grow & Glow is perfect for horses and ponies that are…
  • Underweight - if your horse is underweight and their ribs are starting to show, Grow & Glow provides them with the right nutrients to put on the necessary weight. 
  • Training - during periods of intensive training or competition Grow & Glow can give them extra sustained energy to help them achieve peak performance and support their respiratory system and lung health.
  • Fatigued - If your horse or pony is starting to slow down a bit and just needs a little extra energy throughout the day, Grow & Glow can help.
  • Breeding - during the breeding season the extra energy helps stallions perform their duty(!), while also improving sperm quality.
  • Pregnant - pre-pregnancy, fatty acids promote good embryo quality while during the last trimester of gestation mares have 3x higher energy requirements so benefit from the extra energy throughout the day.
  • Lactating - a mare’s milk can pass on the extra energy and DHA through her milk, aiding her foals' development, vision, brain health and nervous system function.
  • Weaning - Weaned foals benefit from the additional immune health support they no longer receive from their mother’s milk helping shore up their natural defences. It also supports their growth and development. 
  • Scruffy - it helps develop a beautiful glossy, thick coat (and helps with skin sensitivities)

So how can you get your hands on Curafyt's Grow & Glow supplement?

Right now, Curafyt’s Grow & Glow is available online with an exclusive New Year sale.
You can save an extra 10% when you order today via the link below.
You’d expect a supplement as impressive as Curafyt’s to sell for around €150 a tub - the combination of ingredients and health benefits would be worth the price - guaranteed.
But thanks to direct relations with their ingredient suppliers and manufacturers, Curafyt has managed to get the regular price down to just $71.90 for a 2 litre tub - which is an absolute steal for up to 3-months supply…
It’s proving incredibly popular with horse owners across Belgium and stock levels are starting to run low.
Smart horse owners are stocking up today to avoid disappointment.
All orders come with a 30 day guarantee too for your peace of mind. And if you spend over €80 you get free shipping.