3 reasons vets recommend this "sensitive hoof" supplement during Spring for your horse or pony.

Ponies and horses are more susceptible to laminitis during autumn for several reasons. Here’s why thousands of health conscious owners are trying and sticking with this natural science-based and vet-recommended supplement for their horses and ponies with sensitive hooves...

1. Improves Blood Circulation In The Hooves

Just like the cold affects the circulation in your fingers and toes, the same happens with your horse/pony's hooves.

As the temperature drops, blood vessels in the extremities, including the hooves constrict. This can lead to reduced blood flow to the hooves, increasing their sensitivity.

Curafyt's Steady&Stable supplement contains L-arginine which promotes blood circulation due to its vasodilatory effects, which help widen blood vessels and enhance blood flow to help your horse feel less sensitivity in their hooves.

2. Supports Sugar Metabolism

Excess sugar is a horse owner's worst nightmare and during Autumn the sugar content in the grass rises, increasing the risk of laminitis. The combination of sunny days and cold nights lead to a rapid increase in grass sugar content which is then preserved and concentrated in the grass as the temperature drops at night.

Hay can also contain high sugar levels, especially when it's harvested from grasses that have experienced rapid growth or have been stressed by environmental conditions, potentially posing a risk for horses prone to sugar-related health issues.

Sourberry (Berberis Vulgaris) in Steady & Stable supports sugar metabolism by balancing sugar levels in the blood.

3. Promotes Healthy Liver Function & Body Weight

Horses and ponies with sensitive hooves are often less active.

Lack of exercise can reduce blood flow to the hooves and increase the likelihood of toxin buildup in the body, promoting the development of laminitis. Moreover, the lack of movement can contribute to weight gain, further elevating the risk of laminitis.

Therefore, it is crucial to pay extra attention to the nutrition, exercise, and overall health of ponies during the Spring months to help prevent laminitis.

Chrysanthellum and Berberis Vulgaris help support liver function and promote a healthy body weight by aiding in the breakdown of fat.

Thousands of owners who are serious about giving their horse or pony the best possible care are turning to Curafyt's Steady&Stable supplement this Spring

Incredible difference
Just like Rosa's owner Eileen

Incredible difference

"As a veterinary student, I have always been somewhat skeptical about the use of supplements, but I must say this is truly an incredible difference. I haven't seen Rosa galloping in years, and now she is back running with the other horses. It's amazing how much better she is now."
We are so happy
Frieda's owners: Suzanne and her kids

We are so happy

"Friede had been struggling with her hooves for so long, and we had really tried everything. Curafyt, in combination with a natural farrier, finally provided results."
She gallops again!
And another Frieda's owner Ellen

She gallops again!

"After three weeks, she's galloping around again; I'm so happy."

Discover the full product details below

Steady & Stable


✓ Regulates the metabolism of fat and sugar
✓ Promotes healthy liver function
✓ Supports healthy hooves
✓ Supports normal cortisol and ACTH levels

A plant-based supplement containing 10 scientifically supported ingredients is designed to support your horse's liver, balance its sugar and fat metabolism, and improve blood circulation in the laminae. It also provides all the necessary building blocks to strengthen the hooves.


Ingredients: Rice bran; chlorella; horsetail powder; chrysanthellum powder; methylsulfonylmethane (MSM); maritime pine powder.

Additives per kg
Aromatic additives
- Liquorice extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra), 80,700 mg
- Milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum), 58,700 mg
- L-arginine, 51,300 mg
- Sourberry concentrate (Berberis vulgaris), 44,000 mg

Analytical constituents
- Crude protein, 13.15%
- Crude fat, 6.45%
- Crude ash, 6.23%
- Crude fibre, 4.66%
- Sodium, < 1%

Supplementary feed for horses

< 150 kg (Miniature Horse), 1/4 scoop
250 kg (Shetland Pony), 1/2 scoop
350 kg (Icelandic), 3/4 scoop
500 kg (Quarter), 1 scoop
600 kg (Warmblood), 1+1/4 scoop
650 kg (Friesian), 1+1/3 scoop
> 750 kg (Draft Horse), 1+1/2 scoop

Mix with food or dissolve in a syringe with water and administer directly into the mouth.

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