Restore & Revive


✓ Supports muscle recovery after exercise
✓ Keeps the joints healthy
✓ Boosts the immune system
✓ Supports the joints and intestines

A plant-based supplement that aids recovery and recuperation. All thanks to curcuma or turmeric, a super herb that works - with more than 5,200 scientific articles to prove it. Has your dor or puppy been put to the test of late or has he been out of sorts? Give him an extra boost with Restore & Revive. Easy to administer as it comes in liquid form, and it tastes nice to boot!

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Ingredients: glycerin and sodium chloride.

Additives per kg
Aromatic additives
- Turmeric (Curcuma longa) extract, 40.000 mg

Analytical constituents
- Crude protein, 0%
- Crude fat, 0%
- Crude ash, 0%
- Crude fibre, 0%
- Sodium, < 1%
- Moisture, 70%

Supplementary feed for dogs

< 10 kg, 1 pump
10 kg, 1 pump
20 kg, 2 pumps
30 kg, 3 pumps
40 kg, 4 pumps
50 kg or more, 5 pumps

1 pump = 1.5 to 2 ml

Mix with the food or inject into the mouth with a syringe.

Turmeric in a natural matrix for optimal absorption without the need for black pepper.

Benefits of Restore & Revive for your dog

Provides relief from discomfort

Curcumin balances normal inflammation and supports natural defense.

Improves gut health

Curcumin promotes gut health by supporting a balanced microbiome and aiding in digestive comfort.

Supports flexible joints

Curcumin promotes joint health by reducing stiffness and supporting flexibility.

Facilitates muscle recovery after exercise

Curcumin speeds up healing and minimizes post-exercise soreness.

Recommended by 400+ vets accross Europe

SarahSmall Animal Veterinarian

"I use Restore & Revive for older dogs with joint issues, as well as for puppies and other dogs to boost their overall health."

Restore & Revive is perfect for....

Older or very active dogs

Older or very active dogs

Dogs with stiff joints benefit from Restore & Revive to keep their joints and muscles supple.


Restore & Revive is an ideal immunity and defense boost for puppies.
Dogs experiencing discomfort

Dogs experiencing discomfort

Curcumin soothes discomfort related to sensitive digestive systems, joints or other health issues.

Here is what our customers have to say about Restore & Revive

We've helped over 10.000+ animals

Natural and science-based ingredients

the key to Restore & Revive's effectiveness

95% active curcumin

Our supplement always contains 95% active curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, which is much higher than in other products.

6 x better absorption

We utilize a form of curcumin within its natural matrix, leading to 6 times better absorption, without the need for black pepper.

Highly palatable

Good taste in liquid form for easy administration to your dog.

Frequently asked questions

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Our products are made and shipped from Belgium.

All our products are formulated by a team of leading experts, including our Co-Founder Veterinarian Valerie De Clerck, as well as a Biochemist and Professor of Pharmacology.

We source the ingredients for our supplements from some of the highest-quality suppliers around the world. We then manufacture the final products in ISO 22000, FCA (GMP+) and bio-certified facilities in Belgium.

Our products are up to 99% natural. Where possible we source natural ingredients for our products. In the small number of cases where it’s virtually impossible to get natural ingredients for some formulations, we use synthetic ones. 

Yes! By our Co-Founder Veterinarian Valerie De Clerck as well as a whole host of Veterinarians who have been using our products with their clients’ horses for years. In fact, 9/10 vets recommend Curafyt supplements.

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