400+ Vets Recommend This Weight & Stamina Supplement For Horses/Ponies Over Winter. Here’s 3 Reasons Why…

Did you know that during cold winter months, on average, the energy requirements for a horse can increase by as much as 25%? In extreme cold and wet environments, it may increase as much as 50%. That’s why thousands of health-conscious horse and pony owners are turning to this 99% natural, science-based weight and stamina enhancing supplement…

1. Promotes Weight Gain In Colder Months

Not only does your horse expend more energy in the colder months to maintain their body temperature, but the cold also puts more strain on their metabolism. 

Day-to-day activities in the cold, compared to the same activities performed in a milder climate, require more energy. So, if you see your horse starting to lose a little weight over winter, this could be why.

The trick is to increase their calorie intake but in a healthy, efficient way. The most important thing to maintain your horse's weight is to provide enough roughage throughout the day. But sometimes that just isn’t enough. Which is where Grow & Glow comes in.

Curafyt's Grow & Glow contains natural oils (the very best omega-3 fatty acids from DHA-rich microalgae oil) that provide calories in a healthy manner, unlike concentrates, which are high in sugar. It’s perfect for horses struggling with their weight. 

2. Improves Stamina/Energy

With weight loss often comes lower energy levels as your horse struggles to maintain the energy they need for day-to-day activities. The balance between energy in (food) and energy out (exercise) is disrupted, so they get tired more easily. 

The solution in a lot of cases is to supplement their feed. And smart horse owners are discovering that additional sugary foods like concentrates, are often not the answer.

Instead, fats like micro-algae oil, which provide 2X as much energy compared to energy from concentrates, are much more effective. And your horse doesn’t get nervous.

Micro-algae oil is one of the main ingredients in Grow & Glow. It's rich in the omega-3 fatty acid DHA which not only boosts stamina, but also intestinal health, while supporting general defences and keeping the brain healthy and promoting vision.

3. Promotes A Shiny Coat

The cold, wet winter months can be tough on your horse’s coat, just like it can be on our skin too.

Prolonged exposure to cold wet weather can turn a once beautiful, shiny coat into a dull, scruffy mess. 

By adding flaxseed oil (another ingredient in Grow & Glow) to their feed, it helps promote a healthy, shiny coat. 

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids it helps moisturise dry skin and dull coats. It’s the secret to a glorious sheen in their coat, no matter the weather. 

Thousands of owners who are serious about giving their horse or pony the best possible care are turning to Curafyt's Grow & Glow supplement this Winter...

Full of life again
Saskia's horse

Full of life again

"In early December our pony was starting to lose weight and he was no longer coping well with his work. It was clear he wasn't getting enough from his hay and feed. I came across Grow and Glow and after 2 weeks I could already see a difference. He now has more strength, stamina and his ribs are no longer visible. His flanks are also much less sunken in! He also shines beautifully again and is full of life! This is ideal for him for the winter to give him an extra boost!"
Before & After

Before & After

Living an active life as a jumping Sporthorse, Harry was suffering from a dull coat and visible ribs due to intense training. After 1 month of Grow & Glow Harry has a shinier, healthier-looking coat as well as less visible ribs.
He gallops again!
Jasmijn's horse Jip

He gallops again!

Jasmijn's vet recommended Grow & Glow when Jip struggled with his weight after emergency colic surgery... “I can see that his recovery and weight gain is a lot faster since I have been supplementing the Grow & Glow. After a month, I can see a huge difference and Jip is pretty much back to his normal weight.”

Discover the full product details below

Grow & Glow


✓ Supports Weight Gain
✓ Enhances Energy Levels (without the rush)
✓ Improves Gut Health
✓ Promotes a Shiny Coat

Our 99% natural, science-backed Grow & Glow supplement is vet-formulated with the very best omega-3 fatty acids (in our DHA-rich Microalgae Oil) to help underweight horses put on weight and give them extra energy. It also supports a healthy immune system and skin and coat health.


Ingredients:linseed oil; coconut oil; microalgae oil (1500 mg DHA per 100 ml) Cold pressed oils

Additives per kg

- Vitamin A (3a672b), 111.180 IE
- Vitamin D3 (3a671), 33.000 IE
- Natural vitamin E (3a700), 5.556 IE
- Lecithin (1c322), 55.560 mg

Analytical constituents
- Crude protein, 0%
- Crude fat, 100%
- Crude ash, 0%
- Crude fibre, 0%
- Sodium, 0%

Supplementary feed for horses

< 150 kg (Miniature Horse), 1/2 dosage cap
250 kg (Shetland Pony), 1 dosage cap
350 kg (Icelandic), 3/4 dosage cap
500 kg (Quarter), 2 dosage cap
600 kg (Warmblood), 1+1/2 dosage cap
650 kg (Friesian), 1+2/3 dosage cap
> 750 kg (Draft Horse), 3 dosage cap

Pump 5 L can = 30ml/pump

Begin with 10 ml and gradually increase over two weeks. In the case of loose stool temporarily administer a smaller amount.

Preferably distribute the daily quantity over two meals daily (e.g. 100 ml/day --> 50 ml per meal).


Yes, horses can safely consume oil in their diet. Despite not having a gallbladder, horses can digest oil, thanks to bile directly secreted into the small intestine. However, oil should be limited to no more than 10% of their total daily calorie intake. For example, for a horse needing 20,000 calories per day, oil should provide no more than 2,000 calories. It's recommended to use oils high in omega-3 and low in omega-6, and to introduce them gradually. Always consult with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist to determine the appropriate type and amount of oil for your horse's specific needs.

For a 500 kg horse we recommend building up to 100ml per day, divided over two meals.

Start with 10 ml per meal (assuming 2 meals per day) and gradually build up over a period of 2 weeks to the recommended 50ml per meal (100ml per day). If you find their faeces starts softening, lower the amount of oil and gradually build up again.

You can find the full feeding guidelines on our main Grow & Glow product page here: https://curafyt.com/products/grow-glow

You can feed it either short-term or long-term. It primarily depends on your horse's body condition score. As long as you can see the ribs, your horse will benefit from Grow&Glow. For horses at an optimal weight, meaning you can feel but just not see the ribs, you can reduce the dose to half or stop completely until your horse needs it again. Most horses require 1 to 3 months to regain a healthy weight, but for older horses, very thin horses, breeding stallions, or sport horses, prolonged administration may be recommended.

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