Worm Test Kit

Vet-recommended test kit for worms in horses.

Testing for worms is important before using anthelmintics. This way, you only deworm when necessary and know exactly which drug to use. The Wormiscope test kit makes it easy to have your horse tested for worms and other intestinal parasites. You simple free-post a manure sample to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Merelbeke (University of Ghent) where all tests are analyzed.
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The Worm Test Kit includes:

  • One glove for collecting a fresh manure sample (diameter 3 cm).
  • One form to fully complete with relevant information.
  • One stamped envelope (free post) to mail the filled glove and form via Bpost.

STEP 1: You use the glove to collect one fresh manure sample (diameter 3 cm). Ensure that the manure sample comes into contact with the ground as little as possible.

STEP 2: Tie the glove closed and place it in the resealable bag.

STEP 3: Insert the filled glove and the fully completed form into the envelope and seal it. The envelope does not need to be stamped.

STEP 4: Send the envelope via regular post the same day (it's free!).

Wait for your results. They will be send via email. It usually takes 1 to 3 working days. If you need advice on how to read the results contact our vets via info@curafyt.com

Benefits of the Worm Test Kit for horses

Early Detection

Worm tests help in detecting worm infestations in horses at an early stage, allowing for timely treatment.

Targeted Treatment

By identifying the specific type of worms, this test enables vets to prescribe targeted and effective deworming treatments.

Prevention of Resistance

Regular worm testing helps in preventing the development of resistance to dewormers by ensuring that medications are used strategically and only when necessary.

Optimal Health Management

Incorporating worm testing into horse care promotes optimal health management, enhancing overall well-being and performance potential.

Recommended by 500+ vets accross Europe

Prof. Dr. ClaereboutEquine Veterinarian

"Intestinal parasites in horses can cause colic, diarrhea, or other health issues. Through fecal testing, we can administer more targeted treatment, thereby reducing the development of resistance."

When should a fecal test be conducted?

At least 4 times per year

March or April



October or November

How to interpret the results

EPG > 500:
You should deworm this horse

200 < EPG < 500:
- On a high risk pasture*: deworm
- On a low risk pasture**: do not deworm (if regular fecal tests are conducted)

EPG < 200:
This horse does NOT need to be dewormed


* High-risk pasture: > 3 horses/ha, young horses, poor grass quality, and no manure removal.
**Low-risk pasture: < 3 horses/ha, adult horses, good grass quality, and regular manure removal.

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