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Something better for your buddy

Natural supplements for dogs and horses

Boost your bestie's health

We make natural and science-based supplements for dogs and horses. And we do so with ingredients that tackle the cause, not just the symptoms. In other words: these are formulas that work. Because why else would we create them?

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The best of nature

As many plant-based ingredients as possible that comply with strict European regulations.

Natural supplements for dogs and horses developed by a female veterinarian


Developed and recommended by veterinarians, biologists and nutritionists.

With results

With professional advice, follow-up, and correct usage, results can be seen within 4 to 6 weeks.

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Developed by vets

With our supplements, we build a bridge between nutrition and medication. Back to basics, to restore the balance of your dog or horse from within.
Order online? You can, right here, right now. Unless you prefer to go via your veterinarian or your osteopath for tailored advice. The choice is yours.
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We help animals in trouble

And we don't just mean your four-legged friend. One percent of our sales goes to the Prince Laurent Foundation, which helps pet owners with a lower income to cover their veterinary bills.