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Grow & Glow | BCS Mix


✓ Supports Weight Gain
✓ Enhances Energy Levels (without the rush)
✓ Improves Gut Health
✓ Promotes a Shiny Coat

Our 99% natural, science-backed Grow & Glow supplement is vet-formulated with the very best omega-3 fatty acids (in our DHA-rich Microalgae Oil) to help underweight horses put on weight and give them extra energy. It also supports a healthy immune system and skin and coat health.

"I've tried many products to put weight on my mare, and with this one I see clear results after one month!" - Nohmi Hermans
Cold-pressed natural oils with natural vitamin E.
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Recommended by 9/10 vets

Clean Sport

99% natural ingredients

Made in Europe

Great Taste

Zero Fillers or Additives

“I’ve seen Grow & Glow work time-and-again with my clients’ horses as well as my own. It’s one of the best out there.”
Veterinarian Sigert Coffé

The proof is in the pictures

Don’t just take our word for it. You can see for yourself some of the incredible transformations our customers and their horses have had after just a few weeks adding Grow & Glow to their feeding routine.

Vanille - 31 y/o Shetland Pony

Before Grow & Glow

Despite a good appetite and balanced diet (hay, grass, fiber rich mash & balancer), Vanille kept losing weight. With almost no teeth left, eating hay and grass was difficult. So her owners needed to find another way to help manage her weight loss.

Vanille - 31 y/o Shetland Pony

After one month Grow & Glow

After 1 month of adding Grow & Glow to her diet, Vanille's Body Condition score improved from 1 to 3. You can see the improvement in her weight yourself.

Harry  - 8 y/o Jumping Horse

Before Grow & Glow

sport horse skinny before Grow & Glow
Living an active life as a jumping Sporthorse, Harry was suffering from a dull coat and visible ribs due to intense training.

Harry  - 8 y/o Jumping Horse

After one month Grow & Glow

After Grow&Glow skinny sport horse
After 1 month of Grow & Glow Harry has a shinier, healthier-looking coat as well as less visible ribs.

Popke  - 30 y/o Pony

Before Grow & Glow

Skinny old pony fed with Grow & Glow oil Curafyt
With sensitive intestines and weak manure Popke kept losing weight, despite a healthy appetite. Grow & Glow was added very gradually to her diet of beet pulp, grass, balancer, mash and hay.

Popke  - 30 y/o Pony

After two months Grow & Glow

Skinny old pony fed with Grow & Glow oil Curafyt after
After 3 weeks of Grow & Glow Popke was galloping back in the meadow for the first time. After 6 weeks you can clearly see the improvement with less visible ribs and a less greasy, shinier coat. Popke also no longer has limp dung.

Natural and science-backed

Key ingredients that make Grow & Glow so effective

omega-3 DHA supplement for skinny horses

Micro algae oil

Rich in the best omega-3 fatty acid, DHA which has been proven to reduce inflammation in horses and is also critical for proper vision, brain health and nervous system function. Horses do not get DHA naturally in their diet so it’s essential to add it in.

omega-3 supplement for skinny horses linseed oil

Linseed oil

Linseed oil - An omega-3-powerhouse, Linseed oil is high in calories to help horses with their weight management and long-term energy levels. It’s also a ‘secret weapon’ to increase the digestibility of nutrients and fatty acids making them more easily absorbed in the small intestines. (A. Delobel et al. 2008)

omega-3 DHA supplement for skinny horses with coconut oil

Coconut oil

Packed with medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs), coconut oil can be quickly and easily absorbed for energy use (think of it like a quick fuel boost) without making your horse nervous.

omega-3 DHA supplement for skinny horses with natural vitamin E

Natural Vitamin E

An essential antioxidant, Vitamin E helps maintain a healthy immune system and ensure normal muscle and nerve function. Horses and ponies cannot produce vitamin E themselves, so it’s vital they get it via their feed.


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