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  • How to treat osteoarthritis in dogs

    Osteoarthritis is an incurable, irreversible process that worsens as time goes on. Thankfully, we can slow down that process and treat the symptoms. The sooner you take action, the better! Read our tips in the blog post.
  • Spotting osteoarthritis in older dogs

    Like us, humans, dogs can contract all kinds of age-related ailments as they get older. Osteoarthritis is a very common and painful inflammation ca...
  • Ten tips for cooling down your dog in hot weather

    Summer at last! Time to enjoy the sunshine but make sure to keep your bestie cool, because, when he is exposed to high temperatures for any extended period of time, he may become dehydrated, get diarrhoea, or worse still... die. With these ten tips, you’ll be able to keep your buddy cool!

  • My dog smells, what to do?

    Being a dog parent is not always a bed of roses—and your dog does not always smell of roses either. While every animal has its own specific odour, in some cases there is more to it than that. These are the most common causes of unpleasant dog odours.
  • My dog has an itch, what to do?

    Itchy dogs and the link with a strong and rich skin microbiome The most common reason for a visit to the vet: skin problems, resulting in an ...

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