My dog smells, what to do?

My dog smells, what to do?

Sep 21, 2023Valerie De Clerck

Being a dog parent is not always a bed of roses—and your dog does not always smell of roses either. While every animal has its own specific odour, in some cases there is more to it than that. Maybe your four-legged friend would benefit from a visit to the vet. From unkempt teeth to skin problems to farts, these are the most common causes of unpleasant dog odours.

While every animal has its own specific odour, in some cases there is more to it than that.

The most common causes of unpleasant dog odours

1. Unhealthy teeth

The most common cause of a smelly dog is neglected teeth. As many as 80 per cent of all dogs suffer from plaque: a sticky layer of saliva proteins, food particles and biofilm (a mass of bacteria) on the teeth.

The solution? Brushing, brushing and brushing again—basically every day. Otherwise, the plaque hardens and eventually turns into tartar. The veterinarian can only remove this under general anaesthetic. So it is better to brush than to cure. Also, give your dog a Chewy&Cheesy to chew on regularly. Choose one that is hard enough so that it is effective in reducing plaque and not just a high-calorie candy.

2. Ear infection 

Does your dog shake its head and scratch or rub its ears? Then the poor animal probably has an ear infection. This is no fun, as it involves both pain (for him or her) and bad smell (for you).

Ear infections are more common in long-haired dogs and breeds with long ears, but your short-haired boxer could also be affected. Ear infections are usually caused by bacteria, yeasts or ear mites. With the help of a cotton swab, your vet will quickly identify the cause and help your beloved pet to recover. Easy does it.

3. Skin problems

Another possible cause of foul smells: an inflammation between the skin and lip folds of your dog. This is due to heat and moisture and quite common in breeds with excess skin, such as the English bulldog.

When the skin flora gets disturbed, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and mange take easily take over. So keep your dog’s skin dry and support its skin flora with Sheen&Shine, a spray based on healthy probiotics. 

A balanced diet and the right nutrients are key to internally infusing vitamins into your skin. Immune&Tune is packed with vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA) and Zinc, which keeps the skin healthy from the inside out. 

4. Blocked or inflamed anal glands

If your dog has ever had a problem with the anal glands, then you are no doubt familiar with the awful whiff that comes along. Dogs with blocked or inflamed anal glands slide their butts across the floor and lick under their tails, releasing an unpleasant odour.

Clogged or inflamed anal glands are actually quite common in dogs. In most cases, the vet will quickly relieve the animal of this annoying problem by squeezing out the glands. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

5. Smelly fur

You probably know the expression “it smells like wet dog in here”. Not an unjustified comparison, because dogs with a wet or dirty coat do smell bad. Although you should wash your dog as little as possible, after a plunge in a dirty creek, a bath is no unnecessary luxury. 

After a wash, most dog shampoos take about seven days for the skin to recover. That’s why we developed Sheen&Shine, a pH-neutral shampoo that does not damage your pet’s skin. It only contains mild ingredients, no sulphates and it is microbiome-friendly.

Also keep the environment clean with friendly micro-organisms or probiotics. The Hygio Spray leaves behind a layer of probiotics (friendly bacteria) on the surface. These friendly bacteria remove bad bacteria, which otherwise give rise to the formation of odours. They also break down the dirt into tiny particles and digest them as food. As the probiotics continue to function for days after cleaning, the effect of these products is long-lasting.

The results: a clean and long-lasting removal of odours.

6. Smelly farts

If your dog regularly passes gas, check with your vet whether its diet is appropriate. Does your dog have diarrhoea or does the poor thing vomit? Then be sure to contact your veterinarian as well.

In short? If an unpleasant smell hovers around your four-legged friend, there could be many reasons and not all of them are innocent. If you suspect that your pet has medical problems, be sure to call in your vet. Just so you can cuddle your buddy without pinching your nose. Good luck!

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